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From Oren <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Access control advice needed
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 07:44:14 GMT
Hi Ramon.
Why use apache for the block and not a firewall? its not apache related 
but i think its a better way of doing that.
You can add those addresses to blocking rules and reduce the load on the 
apache before they even reach it.
I am not sure which os you use but there are simple ways of doing that 
even if you dont have dedicated hardware.


On 04/09/2014 10:32 AM, Jan Vávra wrote:
> Hello,
>  try to use an IP address or subnet instead of 
> Jan.
>> Access control advice needed
>> I have a website running drupal which is currently under a continuous
>> botnet attack, which is causing major performance issues. I'm trying to
>> use apache's access control mechanism to block these requests.
>> Two characteristics of the attack requests are that they all use
>> HTTP/1.0, and a large percentage of them are within one domain.
>> When I look at my access log, most requests are coming in from:
>> ...etc.
>> i tried blocking access using Apache's Deny From as follows:
>> <Directory /opt/drupal-7/>
>>    Options +FollowSymLinks
>>    AllowOverride All
>>    Order Allow,Deny
>>    Allow from all
>>    Deny from
>> </Directory>
>> However this did not work - all requests are still being allowed in.
>> Note that the /opt/drupal-7 directory is a symlink to the actual
>> directory which has the full version number.
>> Also, since all the botnet requests are marked as HTTP/1.0, I tried to
>> restrict access to the user-registration pages using the protocol, as
>> follows:
>> SetEnvIf Request_Protocol "^HTTP/1\.0$" Bad_Req
>> <Location /utenti>
>>     Order Allow,Deny
>>     Deny from env=BadReq
>> </Location>
>> However this is blocking everything - HTTP/1.0 or 1.1. "/utenti" is the
>> prefix to the user registration page, password-reset page etc. I tried
>> changing around the Order, adding an "Allow from all" but in each case I
>> either end up blocking everyone or letting all requests through.
>> I'd appreciate any advice on how to implement the above or resolve this
>> issue in some other way.
>> --
>> Ramon Casha
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