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From " Carl Hruska" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache Admin button on XAMPP Control Panel for non-80 port
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2014 03:05:29 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have a small problem with the Admin button on the XAMPP Control Panel. Please read the following
information pertaining to this problem and reply with suggestions (any suggestions; I'm not
afraid to research.). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The problem I am having is that the URL for the browser address bar (after clicking the Admin
button) begins with http://localhost/...
I want the URL to begin with http://localhost:2375/...

My PC is Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.

Recently (April 2014) I installed XAMPP 1.8.3. With that install came Apache 2.4.7 and PHP
5.5.9. I upgraded phpMyAdmin to 4.1.13 and set the root password (after much researching).

I have searched the internet and have read at least 25 articles trying to find a solution
to this situation.

I have read the Apache Documentation in several places (including Access Control, Mapping
URLs to the Filesystem, Microsoft Windows, URL Rewriting Guide, Configuration Files, and Filters).
I did not see any discussion about the situation I'm experiencing.

I have also read much in http://localhost:2375/xampp/ without finding anything helpful for
this problem.

When I installed XAMPP, I discovered I had to change the port that Apache listens on from
80 to 2375. 2375 was my choice. Apparently IIS or something else uses port 80. (I changed
Skype to not consider port 80.)

I searched Bing and Google and read many of the files in the XAMPP folders and finally was
able to change the port in C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.txt   via    Listen 2375. I did not
change anything else in the text file.

With that change, I can start Apache via the XAMPP Control Panel and then open a browser (Firefox)
and type an address like http://localhost:2375/wxyz.html and the wxyz document appears. I
am okay with having to type the port number. So that part works well.

But when I click the Admin button on the XAMPP Control Panel, the browser opens, and the address
begins as http://localhost/
An error (404) occurs. [Obviously, the Control Panel does not know that I changed the port
that Apache listens on.]

What I want to accomplish is to learn the file name (if the solution is that simple) that
I can edit with a change to the localhost (or to so that pressing the Admin button
results in the address bar beginning with http://localhost:2375/.

I don't know if this problem of mine is within XAMPP or Apache (or even somewhere else that
I am not even aware of).

Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. 

Note - I would like to be able to have full use of the Control Panel, but not having full
use is not a deal breaker.

Thank you very much for your time regardless of the outcome.

Curious Carl
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