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From "Walter H." <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] dynamic virtual hosts
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 16:31:33 GMT

On 12.03.2014 16:15, Rose, John B wrote:
> We have been experimenting with "mod vhost alias" and "mod rewrite" 
> methods of dynamic virtual hosting
> They both work fine for …
>  Etc.
> We would also like to be able to do dynamic virtual hosting for a 
> mixture of sub domains and domains …
>    1. Does any have preferences, pros, cons, what is best for scaling
>       to hundreds of virtual hosts over years, etc between the
>       alternative methods of dynamic virtual hosts configurations?
>    2. Has anyone used a method they think is best for dynamic virtual
>       hosting for a mixture of domains and subdomains
Is there a semantic reason for having this many subdomains?
in present I can see many sites that make use of many subdomains for a 
not logic reason;
for restrictive smart surfing this can be a very good feature - just 
block a subdomain, to prevent stupid javascripts or css files to be 
downloaded ;-)
using scripts from foreign sites that are only used on client side is 
the worst, you can do;

if these represent sites of individuals than it is a good idea to have 
each one his own subdomain for the complete individual's website;


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