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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Proxy Timeout problem with proxy_balancer
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2014 17:17:31 GMT
On 08.03.2014 17:50, Sascha K├╝hndel (InuSasha) wrote:
> Hi,
> i have actual an problem with my proxy-timeout configuration.
> (Apache 2.2.26, but 2.4 seems to have the same problem).
> In my apache configuration we have defined a global ProxyTimeout to 30
> seconds.
> But one of our JBoss-backends have some slow pages, and we want to raise
> the timeout to 2 minutes.
> (without change of the default timeout).
> But the timeout is not used, for the backend. The timeout change for an
> other backend works fine.
> Imho, the imported difference is the backend type.
> balancer doesn't work, http work.
> Example:
> ...
> ProxyTimeout 30
> ProxyPass /content balancer://jboss timeout=120 # timeout after 30 secs
> ProxyPass /mon     http://monitor timeout=10    # timeout after 10 secs
> ProxyPass /other   http://other                 # timeout after 30 secs
> ...
> In the documentation, the timeout parameter seems to be redefined for
> balancer.
> If this correct? Documentation bug? Software bug? My configuration buggy?

Configuration bug. The docs are correct, timeout for a balancer worker
has a different meaning than timeout for a normal http or ajp worker.

> Know anyone a simple solution?

Depending on how you defined your balancer members, add the timeout
either to each "BalancerMember" (likely) or ProxySet for each member

> We have many backends,
> so the workaround to change the default ProxyTimeout and set the timeout
> per backend is the last way.



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