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From MM KP <>
Subject [users@httpd] Need help with reverse proxying and image loading
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 03:08:59 GMT
Hello all

I am new to apache & the apache mailing list so PLEASE forgive me for my
long message :

I am trying to configure a nice reverse proxy using Apache. Basically this
is what I want : i want to be able to browse to something like and proxy to I want to be able to see
images and i want javascript and css and all that good  stuff loaded as
well. I already created a DNS record for and this is
the configuration im using for the virtual host:

<VirtualHost [::]:80>
   ProxyRequests off
   ProxyPass /
   ProxyPassReverse /

now when i restart the httpd service (By the way I am using RHEL 6.5), I
can browse to but allthat appears in the browser are
text and links. No images are loaded nor any CSS/javascript. What am I
missing in my virtualhost configuration thats preventing me from loading
images? Ive noticed that some of the images on are hosted on a
different site such as :

Im guessing that since the images are hosted in the /cnn/dam/assets/ folder
on , and the virtualhost/reverse proxy is only set up to
proxy pass to , it is not loading images and scripts that are
hosted on I dont know if i am
even close to being accurate with my assumptions. Apache is a very new
thing to me.

my question is how do I go about configuring my virtualhosts properly so
that every image and script that is on, will be URL rewritten
as blah blah blah as opposed to for example one of the images on CNN's
homepage is:

I want to be able to go to a browser, type in in the
address bar, proxy to and when i right click on the image, i
want the FQDN of the image to be something like
Basically i want all URLs to be rewritten as etc etc.

All help is GREATLY appreciated because well, i am totally lost here lol.
Ive done research on using mod_proxy_html and what not, but im still
confused as to how I go about doing this in my situation.

Please assist me!



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