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From "Marcus Siqueira" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Problem with 404 Custom Error page
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2014 07:52:57 GMT

As I’m new to the mailing list, I hope that I’m not doing anything out of the pattern.
I have already searched for my problem, but it’s too specific and i could not find any answer.
The problem is that I have created a custom error page, and put on apache to point to that
page as a default 404 error page. The website logic I built is always storing the page the
user is, so I also applied that logic to that custom not found page. That have helped me out
tracking the problem. Problem happens when I go over any link on the server, like /Text.txt,
as this is not any of the pages, it just opens the document normally, but it would also have
passed through my 404 custom page error page. I took long to get that, I was seeing the 404
custom page on the session stored, and I didn’t know why (that started when i tried to open
a .pdf file stored in the server, but also happens with .txt file). After sometimes searching
I went over my default 404 custom error, witch is in fact a .php file that generates html
in the end, and made it write down a text file on the disk every time it was opened, so I
found out that when i clicked over a .pdf file it would open normally in another tab on the
Browser (Google Chrome), but it would also have in some moment gone trough the custom error
file, because i was checking the file i created to write down a line every time the 404 was
opened. That is really strange. 
I think that this has to be something with file types on the Apache configuration, or I really
don’t know.
To get clear, I have already thought of a way to solve the problem, by changing my code, to
no store this page, But I’m sending that, just to report and maybe to know the solution
for Apache.
If my explanation is not good enough I can try to be more clear.

Thank you,

Marcus Siqueira 
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