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From Geoff Millikan <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] SSI is destroying my file
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 03:53:21 GMT
We had a lot of problems w/SSI, deflate and caching.  The deflate and the SSI and the cacheing
just fought each other.  Sometimes it would work, sometimes we got corrupted junk - but it
was usually more messed up that just some dashes like you have.

But if you've turned off mod_cache, deleted the cache from the drive and cleared your browser
cache and you're still seeing it then....

Suggest moving SSI file into a place where you can access directly in your browser.  Does
it look ok there?  If yes, then try including it from there...

Best of luck...

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On Jan 27, 2014, at 5:09 PM, David Williams <> wrote:

> I tried uncommenting mod_cache from httpd.conf, but that did not resolve the issue. 
Here is another example, the next include in the list (this is a javascript file) is modernizr,
here's how it looks after mod_include:
> u+conteionId=b;i(= .fail]mdoc u+cont, )ra0ara", loaefinth.) {
>     nupB Reafhns= 'a(S.1',
>     ionId=b;i(= {},
>     )raors(d)}(= .locose-n.locose-ors(d)},
>     mons= 'monId=b;i',
>     monors((= .locose-nn.showMessage(mon),
>     mSed")(= monors(ibed"),
>     "#rejors(( ,
>     toS(var (= {}.toS(var ,    t");b(= {},
>     "#rejb(= {},
>     Mu;fb(= {},

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