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From Andrew Schulman <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: Multiple authencation prompts
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2014 12:23:24 GMT
> Hello,
> I am using apache to host iOS related applications. I have integrated
> apache with our internal LDAP. When I try to access on a desktop it
> prompts for password only once. Where as in apple devices its
> prompting multiple times (I use plist). If the app consists of 4
> files, it prompts for password for 4 times.Can you please recommend a
> better way to handle this?

When you require HTTP authentication, the user's app or browser has to
send the username and password with each new request.  So if your page
uses 4 files, the browser has to send the username and password 4 times.

Most browsers hide this from the user by cacheing HTTP authentication
credentials (username and password), and presenting them again with each
new request.  So the user authenticates just once, and the browser takes
care of it after that.

It seems that your Apple devices aren't doing that.  Cacheing HTTP auth
credentials is a basic browser feature, so if they're not doing it, it
seems like a bug.

You don't have many choices.  You can remove the authentication
requirement; ignore the problem if it's limited to just a few buggy
apps; or change to an application-based method of authentication, using
forms and cookies (assuming those buggy apps handle cookies correctly).


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