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From Otis Dewitt - NOAA Affiliate <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] diagnosing an httpd memory "leak"
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2013 02:22:36 GMT
Very weird scenario, I can only think of a couple of reason's this can be

1. Enable debug on loglevel and see what happens in that 15mins.
2. Try removing the httpd.conf and put a default httpd.conf in place and
start it to see if the same thing happens. if not then you know it's in the
3.  There was a issue with this very under Redhat, you can view it here:

4. Change Memory

Hope this is helpful.


On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 4:19 PM, Wang, Andy <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> We have a customer who's running our httpd 2.2.22 build on a Windows
> 2008 R2 server and they're seeing pretty significant memory usage over
> time.  Just starting up and running for a 15 minutes or so with a few
> requests causes the web server private bytes to hit 120mb or so.
> Leave it long enough and it's well over 1GB and eventually (32-bit
> process) certain things start to run out of memory, particular deflate
> starts being unable to allocate memory and they have to restart.
> So here's the really annoying thing.  They can only reproduce this on
> their production system.  It's not seen on any other system. I did
> suggest they try one of the later versions (we have builds available for
> 2.2.24 and I can make 2.2.25 and 26 versions available to them but given
> how this is isolated to one system I'm not really hopeful.  I've been
> unable to reproduce anything remotely like it in house.  In fact, when I
> do it, and hit the server for a while, I peak out in the 80mb range or
> so.  Oddly, they can't reproduce it on the same version installed on
> another server (so this really points to something weird about this
> particular server).
> I've gotten process monitor captures to see if maybe there are some
> oddities with dependency libraries being loaded and as far as I can tell
> there, the libraries being loaded are correct and I don't see any
> unusual libraries being loaded.  I've asked them to get me a listing of
> all the installed programs on the system, and I've also asked for a save
> file from sysinternals autoruns program to see if there's something
> there that might tell me anything.
> I've been researching methods of debugging memory use on windows
> (unfortunately, I'm not a Windows developer in anyway.  Primarily *nix
> and java).  But the best mechanisms I can find are to use windbg and try
> to debug the process live.  Given that they're half a world away,
> walking them through that process might not be so fruitful.
> Grasping at ideas here, but any thoughts, tips ideas?  Help?!? :)
> I've been looking at the MaxRequestsPerChild directive but I'm a little
> concerned by the Windows single child process architecture and just how
> long a replacement process comes up.  Does anyone have any real world
> experience with this to know if it's really a bad idea?
> Thanks,
> Andy

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