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From Srinivasa Rao Katta <>
Subject [users@httpd] Help Please
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 01:45:17 GMT
Hi Apache Folks,
I need your help for to fix my config.nice problem.
Here is my system information;
SunOS 5.10 Generic_150400-03 sun4v sparc sun4v
Apache version 2.2.25
 #> /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl
OpenSSL> version
OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013

# cd /usr/local/ssl/lib
 #> ls -la
total 8218
drwx------   4 root     root           6 Dec  4 18:31 .
drwx------  10 root     root          11 Dec  4 18:31 ..
drwx------   2 root     root           2 Dec  4 18:31 engines
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root     3507800 Dec  4 18:31 libcrypto.a
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root      544216 Dec  4 18:31 libssl.a
drwx------   2 root     root           5 Dec  4 18:31 pkgconfig
 # gcc -v
Using built-in specs.
Target: sparc-sun-solaris2.10
Configured with: ../configure --without-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/ccs/bin/as --without-gnu-ld
--with-ld=/usr/ccs/bin/ld --enable-shared --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,objc --prefix=/usr/local/gcc4
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.7.2 (GCC)
Here is /usr/local/apache/build/config.nice information;
#! /bin/sh
# Created by configure
"./configure" \
"--prefix=/usr/local/apache" \
"--enable-mime-magic" \
"--enable-info" \
"--enable-imagemap" \
"--enable-speling" \
"--enable-rewrite" \
"--enable-authz-host" \
"--enable-authn-anon" \
"--enable-authn-dbm" \
"--enable-auth-digest" \
"--enable-cern-meta" \
"--enable-expires" \
"--enable-headers" \
"--enable-unique_id" \
"--enable-so" \
"--enable-ssl" \
"--with-ssl=/usr/local/ssl" \
I was getting following error,When I run config.nice;

checking whether to enable mod_ssl... checking dependencies
checking for SSL/TLS toolkit base... /usr/local/ssl
  adding "-I/usr/local/ssl/include" to CPPFLAGS
  adding "-I/usr/local/ssl/include" to INCLUDES
  adding "-L/usr/local/ssl/lib" to LDFLAGS
  adding "-R/usr/local/ssl/lib" to LDFLAGS
checking for OpenSSL version... checking openssl/opensslv.h usability... yes
checking openssl/opensslv.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/opensslv.h... yes
checking openssl/ssl.h usability... yes
checking openssl/ssl.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/ssl.h... yes
  forcing SSL_LIBS to "-lssl -lcrypto  "
  adding "-lssl" to LIBS
  adding "-lcrypto" to LIBS
checking openssl/engine.h usability... yes
checking openssl/engine.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/engine.h... yes
checking for SSLeay_version... no
checking for SSL_CTX_new... no
checking for ENGINE_init... no
checking for ENGINE_load_builtin_engines... no
checking for SSL_set_cert_store... no
configure: error: ... Error, SSL/TLS libraries were missing or unusable
Note:I was getting following error,When I run the /usr/local/apache/build/config.nice;
configure: error: ... Error, SSL/TLS libraries were missing or unusable
Note:When I copy following openssl 1.0.1c libs to /usr/local/lib,config.nice was running fine
and make and make install was running fine;
Here is /usr/local/lib folder information;
 #> ls -la
total 13872
drwx------   2 root     root           8 Dec  4 17:40 .
drwxr-xr-x  10 bin      bin          109 Dec  5 15:18 ..
-rwx------   1 root     root     1882678 Dec  4 17:07
-rwx------   1 root     root     1632892 Dec  4 17:11
-rwx------   1 root     root     1882678 Dec  4 17:11
-rwx------   1 root     root      409381 Dec  4 17:08
-rwx------   1 root     root      302436 Dec  4 17:11
-rwx------   1 root     root      409381 Dec  4 17:11
I was getting following output,After done make install,if I used above libs under /usr/local/lib;
[notice] Apache/2.2.25(Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.25 OpenSSL/1.0.1c configured -- resuming normal operations
I want to compile the apache 2.2.25 for FIPS compatability.So,As per Google,I was used following
varaiables on the server before run the config.nice;
export CC=/usr/local/ssl/fips-2.0/bin/fipsld
 export FIPSLD_CC=gcc 
export LTFLAGS=--tag=CC
Please advice me How I can fix following config.nice running problem;
configure: error: ... Error, SSL/TLS libraries were missing or unusable
Please find attached config.log file for broken one.
I was done config.nice and make and make install on other Solaris zone without any problem;
Please find attached config.log for working Solaris 10 zone as a name working-server-config.log.

 Here is the information regarding How I build the openssl 1.0.1e for fips compatible;

  # cd /var/tmp/openssl-fips-2.0.3
  #make install

Note:make install  created a folder called fips-2.0 under /usr/local/ssl
Now,I compiled  openssl-1.0.1e  with fips option as like as follows;
.Copied openssl source compressed tar file(openssl-1.0.1e.tar.gz) on to /var/tmp,
.Uncompressed and Untar the above file under /var/tmp,
.Changed directory to /var/tmp/openssl-1.0.1e,
.I run the following cmds as a user root;
 #cd  /var/tmp/openssl-1.0.1e
 #./config fips --with-fipslibdir=/usr/local/ssl/fips-2.0/lib/ no-ec2m
 #make install

Note: Make install copied the all the openssl files to under /usr/local/ssl,
I checked the openssl version like as follows;
 #cd /usr/local/ssl
 #cd bin
 OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013
I compiled above fips and openssl using gcc-4.7.2 compiler.
Please let me know,If You have any questions or concerns.

Srinivasa Rao Katta(System Administrator),,


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