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From Fester Zigterman Rustenburg <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: Apache fcgid suexec not deleting POSTed /tmp files
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 10:31:41 GMT

Sorry for posting HTML before.
Is any one here using mod_fcgid, who has any idea how POST files are 
handled ?

It seems that Ubuntu 12.04 (based on debian 6) does not have my problem 
using Apache 2.2.22, and I ruled out the different partition situation, 
so it must be something else.

I would really appreciate any help, because i am stuck.

Kind Regards,

Fester Zigterman Rustenburg

On 12/11/2013 12:10 PM, I wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently my /tmp dir has been filled with tmp uploaded files which are 
> never cleaned up.
> I am using debian 6, apache2-2.2.16 with mod_fcgid and php5, using 
> Virtualmin.
> A file is received with HTTP POST and stored in /tmp/fcgid.tmp.*, with 
> perm 0600, owner www-data . This means that apache (running under user 
> www-data) is receiving the file, after which the file is moved to 
> ~[site-user]/tmp, and processed further with suexec/fcgid/php5 (under 
> user [site-user]).
> I suspect that the /tmp file the process fcgid process running under 
> [site-user] tries to delete the upload, but fails because /tmp has a 
> sticky bit and may not delete it. Maybe the action fails because /tmp 
> and ~[site-user]/tmp are on different partitions so it needs to 
> copy/delete instead of renaming?
> My question: Which process (httpd/fcgid/suexec/php5) is responsible 
> for deleting the tmp file, and how might I fix this problem?

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