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From Borden Rhodes <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Curious inability to mod_rewrite absolute paths
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 23:17:48 GMT
Thank you for your response.

Indeed, I stumbled upon that .htaccess rule in my reading. Even if the
prefix was stripped, shouldn't the modified link still have appeared
in the matching cascade? I carefully reviewed error.log, which didn't
even show the prefix getting stripped from the /links. Also, I
understand, if /link shouldn't work, shouldn't the //link example fail
as well?

My hypothesis is that something else in Apache is intercepting the
/links before they even get to the RewriteRules. I don't know where to
look, however.

With thanks,

On 19 November 2013 07:23, Eric Covener <> wrote:
> RewriteRule in htaccess strips the prefix used to get to the htaccess files
> directory. What you compare to will never begin with /. This should have
> been traced.
> On Nov 19, 2013 6:06 AM, "Borden Rhodes" <> wrote:
>> Good morning, list,
>> After about 7 hours of struggling with this issue, I can't seem to
>> find out how to trace the cause of this issue:
>> I am trying to rewrite absolute URLs using a .htaccess file on my
>> computer being served from localhost. I have succeeded in the
>> following:
>> Using, say, an HTML file containing the tag <img
>> src="//" />, I used "RewriteRule
>> ^//(.*example\.com.*) http://$1" to get Apache to fetch the image;
>> Using an HTML file containing the tag <img
>> src="">, I used "RewriteRule
>> ^(.*example\.com.*) http://$1" to get Apache to fetch the image;
>> However, using an HTML file containing the tag <img
>> src="/"> and "RewriteRule
>> ^/(.*example\.com.*) http://$1", the webpage does not show the image.
>> Further, turning the LogLevel up to trace8 and picking through
>> error.log only shows that Apache failed to fetch the image from my
>> file system (that is, /home/borden/www.example...) and didn't even
>> pass the URL to the RewriteRule.
>> Could someone explain why absolute URLs (which is what I'm simulating
>> here) aren't getting caught by RewriteRule? The real problem I'm
>> trying to solve involves needing to play with Drupal in a subdirectory
>> of my localhost machine without changing any of the links. Therefore,
>> suggestions to "rewrite the <img> tags" won't help. I ran the example
>> from a simple website I set up in a folder on my server, not the
>> Drupal installation.
>> With thanks,
>> Borden Rhodes
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