Guess I didn't explain my problem clearly enough.  I'm unable to execute a an expect script via a web page.  The page executes but the line with expect acts as if it's commented out or as if httpd.conf is missing something that allows expect to run.
 I've tried (via page.php):
exec ("sudo... 
a href=cgi-bin/xyz.cgi ClickHere  (with /usr/bin/expect <path>myscript.exp).

nothing.  However running the expect script from the command line works.


in php:  $out = shell_exec ("<path>/script.exp");

in script.exp:
#!/usr/bin/expect -f 
set timeout 10
spawn telnet <ipaddress>
expect ...

Found something on the web saying Apache/browser(?) doesn't like how expect starts out - need to strip script down and do the spawn bit.  Any who life is good.