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From Redalert Commander <>
Subject [users@httpd] Name based virtualhosts with default
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 14:02:10 GMT

I was reading the documentation and testing out some things.
We have multiple name based virtual hosts, but would like to display a
page when not match is found.
According to the documentation at [1] and [2], the first matching
servername or alias is used, with no precedence for wildcards.

What appears to be working in our case is a 'default' host with
'ServerName *', but how would I know for certain that this is the one
that is always used?

Our configuration has the typical include of
"/etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf", it is here that the vhosts are defined in
separate files. Should the default also be placed in here or does it
have to be defined at the end of the httpd.conf (master) configuration

It is currently my understanding that I should place it at the bottom
of httpd.conf; so to be sure it is that last that is matched, but I
would like to hear from someone with more knowledge and/or experience
about apache than myself.
I would prefer it to be placed in the conf.d folder if possible.

Best regards,


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