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From Chris Arnold <>
Subject [users@httpd] Another mod_proxy Question/Issue
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 01:24:56 GMT
Apache/2.2.12 (Linux/SUSE). We have a web app that runs under tomcat (8080). We have apache
using mod_proxy (80 and 443). According to the tomcat mailing list:

<snip from email from tomcat list>
>Do you need
>the application to behave differently given a particular client? If
>not, there's nothing to do. If so, you probably need to ask the
>Alfresco folks how to do that.

The answer to this is no, i dont need it to behave differently per client

>I sort of doubt that this combination of rewrites and redirects is going to do what you
want.  If the RedirectMatch fires (I'm not positive it would), it >would send a 302 to
/share/, which would then get proxied to /share/share/ on your app server.  (This is the type
of setup I typically find mod_proxy much >easier to work with vs mod_redirect, but this
is all OT for this list..)

What we need is for apache to proxy, rewrite or whatever the 443 requests to tomcat app on
port 8443. I have tried everything from proxypass (reverse), rewrite to mounting in tomcat
(which doesnt need to be done). How does one accomplish this with apache?

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