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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] RE: EXT :Re: [users@httpd] RE: EXT :Re: [users@httpd] apache 2.2.25 and svn commit
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 02:22:35 GMT
On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 7:04 PM, Brennan, Edward C (HII-Ingalls)
<> wrote:
> Thanks, Ben.  So based on your response, I still don't know what caused the error.  I
introduced apache 2.2.25 into my environment, and I get the error (which is why I posted to
users@httpd, since I didn't introduce a new subversion).  But when I revert back to apache
2.2.22, I don't get the error.  I assumed the new software introduced the issue.

I actually just tried to replicate the issue with svn 1.6.6 and httpd
2.2.25 here and I can't.

Referring back to your original message:
> [Wed Jul 31 10:25:13 2013] [error] ... Unable to PUT new contents for /svn/!svn/wrk/.../svngctest/trunk/new%20folder/myDoc.txt.
 [403, #0]
> [Wed Jul 31 10:25:13 2013] [error] ... Could not create file within the repository. 
[404, #160013]
> [Wed Jul 31 10:25:13 2013] [error] ... File not found: transaction '37355-stw', path
'/svngctest/trunk/new%20folder/myDoc.txt'  [404, #160013]

That's a really peculiar error.  Error 160013 is SVN_ERR_FS_NOT_FOUND.
 That error only occurs when a parent of a path you're trying to
commit isn't in the repo.  Which the client shouldn't let you even
send to the server.

> Guess I can upgrade subversion, and put apache back to 2.2.25 and see if the error persists.

Well as far as I know this is an unknown issue.  That doesn't mean
upgrading svn won't fix it, just means I don't think we know about

If you decide to upgrade and you still have the problem please bring
the issue to the list.

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