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From Freddy Cruz <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache2 - SSI - If-else-/if syntax and some directives issues
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 17:31:40 GMT
Hi folks

I need some help, in few words, I'm migrating a website from a old server to a new Amazon-Ec2
instance. The Old server is a FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE (MEERMINIMAL) / apache 2.2.4, while the
new server is a EC2-Instance, Ubuntu 13.04 (GNU/Linux 3.8.0-19-generic x86_64) / apache 2.2.22

The issue is as follow, in the ec2-instance, the server is not resolving some directives,
here more detail:

Do you know about this syntax in a html page? this is in the index.html

<!-- IF <!-- USER: User_ID --> > 0 -->
                <div id="register-box"><h2>Membership Active</h2>
                <p>Thank for becoming a member.  You are currently logged in.</p>
                <p>As a member, this site offers you additional features
such as setting up search "Favorites" and having notices emailed to you
each morning.</p>
<!-- ELSE -->
                <!--#include virtual="/_inc_html/register.html" -->
<!-- /IF -->

I'm referring to the IF ELSE sentence

The SSI module (mod_include) was enabled, and it's working fine because other
<!--#includes .... are resolved by the server, but this 'IF' syntax is
different from SSI documented version:

<!--#if expr="test_condition" -->
<!--#elif expr="test_condition" -->
<!--#else -->
<!--#endif -->

The issue is that the IF / ELSE is not resolved by the server and the
website show always both section. I have several of this IF/ELSE instructions in the website

Additionally to the IF/ELSE syntax, and probably the most important issue, since I can change
the IF sintaxt, it's about some variables.  Do you have some ideas how the server resolve
this line: 

<!-- USER: User_ID -->

Now please take a look on this:

        <td colspan="2" class="on"><p><b>Newspaper of Origin</b></p>
        <SELECT name="Paper_ID">
        <option VALUE="0" SELECTED>Any Newspaper</option>
<!-- PAPER_LIST --><OPTION value="<!-- LIST: Paper_ID -->"> <!-- LIST:
Paper_Name --><!-- /PAPER_LIST --></select></td>

In the current production server, those lines, populates a combo list with the availables
Newspapers (a table in the database), but again I wonder how the server resolve this code:

<!-- PAPER_LIST -->
      <!-- LIST: Paper_ID -->
      <!-- LIST: Paper_Name -->
<!-- /PAPER_LIST -->

The thing is that, those lines, in the new ec2 instances are coming to the client as Comments,
because the server can not resolve it.

Thanks for your help.

PD: there is a bunch of CGI or Perl Script in the server doing the background work

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