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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache virtualhost order deny, allow works only on localhost; ignores public IP for allow
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 14:55:04 GMT
> As a reminder- I don't have a FQDN for the third vhost site- so I just made
> a /etc/host temporary entry as mentioned earlier in my post. Therefore when
> I try to check for public access, I'm always using a physical path in the
> browser as:
> http://[redacted public IP]/~[redacted user for 3rd vhost]/[redacted site
> directory for 3rd vhost]/index.php

>> ServerName test
>> ServerAlias test

How would Apache know to route  that to the third name-based vhost
when you use the IP address only and no matching servername?  You
should mock the hostname in your hosts file from the client you test

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