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From "plot.lost" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Listen on one port, but act as if on another
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 08:33:56 GMT
Is there a way to configure apache to listen on one port (for example, 
450) but to act as if it is listening on a different port (for example, 443)

The reason for asking is for a system which has multiple public IP's 
that are handled by a router which is natting these to internal systems, 
and there are less internal systems that there are public IPs.

So you end up with a public/internal IP mix of something like -> -> ->

The domains are all different, so wildcard SSL can not be used, and SNI 
is not permitted in the solution either - hence for Apache to know which 
certificate to use it has a seperate virtual host for each port. The 
nat/router ensures that the requests is directed to the correct internal 
port. The requests from the browsers will all be to port 443 on their 
IP, and can not be to a different port.

I need some way to ensure that any URLs generated by the internal apache 
process all act as if they are on the standard port (443) even if they 
are not physically listening to that port. The internal IP space that is 
available is limited as well (due to subnetting that has been done) so I 
don't have enough internal IP's left to add as additional interfaces on 
the systems, I have to stick with their existing internal IP's.

Thanks for any hints on this.

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