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From "Pete Jibe" <>
Subject [users@httpd] HTTP Rewrite to HTTPS proxy works but direct HTTPS doesn't proxy
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 21:43:48 GMT
Hi there, 

After looking this over I've located the issue but haven't determined how to
best implement the resolution. 

The problem is that when folks access HTTP (via httpd-vhosts.conf) the
configuration Rewrites the URL as$1 

When end-users bypass the HTTP configuration and go directly to HTTPS the
httpd-ssl.conf file has been configured to expect that the Rewrite has
already occurred and that the /ClusterTester$1 suffix already exists. 

Because the original httpd-vhosts.conf Rewrite command is bypassed, the
httpd-ssl.conf configuration tries to proxypass the incorrect URL string to
the back-end Glassfish server resulting in the original error. 

Now I'm trying to determine how/where to best place the Rewrite command (I'm
assuming within the httpd-ssl.conf virtual hosts section) while still
maintaining the redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. 

As before, any input that would get me on the write path to resolution is
highly appreciated. 


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