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From David Ecker <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] File renders differently when opened through Apache or direct, why?
Date Sat, 11 May 2013 09:18:12 GMT

You are propably using a wrong mime type which is set by apache based on 
the file extension.


Am 11.05.2013 10:58, schrieb Bo Berglund:
> I have a PHP logging script, which produces a file on the server in a
> logging directory. In order to make the file easier to read through a
> browser I have made the PHP script create each log line as a table row
> in a table. I let the script write the file header when the logfile is
> created as follows:
> <html>
> <body>
> <table border="1"><tr>
> <th align="left">Timestamp</th>
> <th align="left">Username</th>
> <th align="left">IP address</th>
> <th align="left">hostname</th>
> <th align="left">Page accessed</th>
> <th align="left">Referring page</th>
> <th align="left">Servername</th></tr>
> Then for each access I append one line with info like the following
> example from my test server (it is actually on a single line, but for
> easier reading here I have cut it into lines for each column in the
> table):
> <tr><td>2013-05-11 10:40:14</td>
> <td>Unknown User</td>
> <td></td>
> <td>AURIGA</td>
> <td>currentpage</td>
> <td>sourcepage</td>
> <td>servername</td></tr>
> Now I wanted to look at the logfile via my webserver so I entered the
> local URL (<myservername><sitename>/logs/testpage2013-05.log) into
> FireFox and what was shown was the above *source* text rather than the
> expected table!
> But if I open the exact same file directly in FireFox, bypassing
> Apache, then the table displays as intended!
> Why is this happening?
> I know that the file is open ended such that it lacks the closing
> </table></body></html> tags but that seems not to be a problem when
> viewing the file as a file:// URL in FireFox, so why does it happen
> through Apache?

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