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From Thiago Bemerguy <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] mod_cache logging
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 16:00:52 GMT

Based on the caching decision made, the reason is also written to the
subprocess environment under one the following four keys, as appropriate:
cache-hitThe response was served from cache.cache-revalidateThe response
was stale and was successfully revalidated, then served from cache.
cache-missThe response was served from the upstream server.cache-invalidateThe
cached entity was invalidated by a request method other than GET or HEAD.

2013/3/6 Igor Cicimov <>

> [httpd.conf]
>> LogLevel debug
>> CustomLog logs/cached-requests.log common env=cache-hit
>> CustomLog logs/uncached-requests.log common env=cache-miss
>> CustomLog logs/revalidated-requests.log common env=cache-revalidate
>> CustomLog logs/invalidated-requests.log common env=cache-invalidate
>> LogFormat "%{cache-status}e " cachelog
>> CustomLog logs/cache.log cachelog
>> Personally never heard of the above cache-* env variables, only aware of
> no-cache one. I doubt they exist and need to be set in the config somehow
> in order for your logs to work since they are set as condition for them.
> Did yoy create the config your self or you copied it from somewhere? If
> that's the case probably the part about setting those env vars was omitted
> from the guide/example you followed.

Thiago Bemerguy

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