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From Tom Evans <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache time zone > daylight saving time > missing an hour of logs?
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 09:19:45 GMT
On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 11:29 PM, Geoff Millikan
<> wrote:
> The date and time shown in Apache logs comes from the time zone of the server.  If the
server's time jumps forward an hour
> (adjusting for daylight savings time) the time in the Apache log will jump forward too.
 To the untrained eye, this may appear as an
> 1-hour gap in the logs (example below).  But there is no gap - Apache properly logged
all requests - no log entries were lost!
> For example let us say Apache is busy logging requests and writing the date and time
on each log entry.  The seconds are ticking by:
> 01:59:57, 01:59:58, 01:59:59 and Apache is writing logs in each second.  Now Apache goes
to write the next log but before it does,
> it retrieves the server time.  The server reports that the time (which is the next second)
as 03:00:00.  So Apache without missing a
> beat simply writes that time down**.   In other words, the "gap" in the log is not because
Apache stopped logging, it is because the
> hour did not exist.
> It is generally considered best practice to have Apache (and any other software) record
things in UTC time to avoid this issue.
> Since there may be many humans viewing the log, it is usually the role of the log analyzer
GUI program (like to shift
> the UTC time into the human's local time as needed for the human's viewing pleasure.
> Hope this helps,
> Geoff Millikan
> **Story is illustrative only, actual Apache workflow for time handling under the hood
probably different.
> ---= Example "gap" in logs =---
>    -       -       [10/Mar/2013:01:59:51 -0800]    GET /ssi/t1shopper.js
HTTP/1.1 <snip>
>   -       -       [10/Mar/2013:01:59:58 -0800]    GET /service/dsl/oh/Hancock.shtml
HTTP/1.1 <snip>
>    -       -       [10/Mar/2013:01:59:59 -0800]    GET /tools/port-number/1125
HTTP/1.1 <snip>
>   -       -       [10/Mar/2013:03:00:07 -0700]    GET /us/ga/White%20County.shtml
HTTP/1.1 <snip>
>    -       -       [10/Mar/2013:03:00:08 -0700]    GET /tools/port-number/1126/
HTTP/1.1 <snip>
> ---= Additional background  =---

Don't run Apache in a locale with DST if you do not want local DST
times in the logs. Use the C locale instead.

You haven't mentioned even what version of Apache or OS you are using,
so it is hard to suggest concrete advice..



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