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From Pablo Florencio <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_proxy_html not working when using carriage returns
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:52:55 GMT
Hello to everyone,

I´m having some troubles while trying to make mod_proxy_html working in
Apache. Here is the configuration I am using:

- mod_proxy_html  3.1.2
- Apache   2.2.3

I'm using Apache as a proxy to a external webserver (, so every
request any client would make to my local server( will be
redirected through mod_proxy_html. As an example, any request to*

Will be redirected to*

(all IPs shown are fake).

To achieve this behavior, I used this configuration at my local webserver:
ProxyPass       /example/
ProxyPassReverse       /example/

The problem I see is that mod_proxy_html can't convert urls when there is a
carry return inside it. For example, here there are two <a> links:

<a target="Download1" title="Download Test1" href=""</a>

<a target="Download2" title="Download Test2" href=""</a>

The second one has a CR right after href definition, and as a result
mod_proxy_html can't convert it. I would like to ask if someone knows a way
to let mod_proxy_html understand how to interpret that CR, or just a way to
remove that CR.

Thanks in advance.

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