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From "" <>
Subject [users@httpd] can httpd start sending generated response while the request message body is still being transmitted to the content generator?
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2013 19:23:44 GMT
Hi all!

I was trying to send a (chunked-encoding) answer that was being
generated after each chunk of the POST-ed message body was being
received. I tried with both the two fcgi modules and cgi, but
both seem to buffer output until all POSTed message body was
delivered to the application
(the fcgi apps just passed back what was generated after the
headers were accepted, but not after the body started coming
in; the cgi app not even that)

So is this the typical way httpd handles communication with
a cgi/fcgi content generator? won't alternate write/read in
the socket that connect the server with the app? If so, is
there any special (3rd party?) module that can change this?

any answer/idea or pointer will be greatly appreciated!

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