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From "Kiran Doshi" <>
Subject [users@httpd] rewriting url after routing
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 14:35:34 GMT

 I am not an Apache expert & this is my first question to the form. I hope I am clear,
if not please let me know.

 I have the following requirement :
 I have Pentaho and JBoss servers which sit behind an Apache server. I use mod_jk in Apache
which decides the load balancer based on the application context.
 Request for pentaho come in the form
 On seeing /pentaho context it routes the request to the pentaho load balancer (configured
in worker properties file)
 We now have different types of reports being served by pentaho for which we are using a virtual
sub-context to decide which pentaho load balancer should handle the request. The request received
by Apache now is in the form
 http://localhost/pentaho/ *qr*/ViewAction...........
 http://localhost/pentaho/ *cr*/ViewAction...........
 So now we configure mod_jk as
 /pentaho/ *qr* - pentaho_qr_load_balancer
 /pentaho/ *cr * - pentaho_cr_load_balancer
 /pentaho - pentaho_lb 
 After the request is sent to the correct pentaho load balancer, I need to strip off the sub-context
(/cr, /qr...)
 For this I tried using mod_rewrite.
 However after mod_jk routing the mod_rewrite is unable to rewrite the url.
 If I do a mod_rewrite first, then the request goes to the incorrect mapping i.e. /pentaho
 Is there anyway to rewrite the url after mod jk, or is there any other mechanism besides
mod jk and mod rewrite to achieve my objective


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