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From Jitesh Verma <>
Subject [users@httpd] Help required with httpd-2.4.2
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 06:55:26 GMT
Hi List,
We have ported httpd-2.4.2 to a network embedded box running Linux on
Xscale hardware. We have two modules of our own to handle XML requests from
our Applets. We are able to access the box's GUI/Applets with "Listen 80"
directive in the httpd.conf. However, when we add another directive "Listen
9000" to httpd.conf, httpd does not respond to HTTP request sent to port
80. The following requests from Internet Explorer fails to get any response
from httpd: <>

Although httpd worked fine with port 80 with only first 8 modules loaded,
we have added all the 80 odd .so modules (that get built with default
"configure" settings) in httpd.conf. Still httpd did not work after adding
"Listen 9000" directive. Irony is that httpd does not even responsd to
request to port 80 after adding "Listen 9000" directive (Request to port
9000 anyway does not work.).

Wireshark packet trace indicates that the request packet is correctly sent
to TCP port 80 when request is sent from browser.
However, the outgoing packet is missing from the packet trace. It seems
httpd did not generate any response (not even "File not found" response).
"netstat -tnlp" command shows httpd listening on both TCP port 80 and 9000.
/var/log/access_log indicates that the incoming packet reached httpd.
Gateway/firewall data indicates that both TCP ports 80 and 9000 are open in
both the directions (incoming and outgoing).
The moment additional "Listen 9000" directive is removed from httpd.conf,
httpd starts working fine (starts serving request).
We have enabled and configured "debugging" and "loggers" modules. Still,
/var/log/error_log and /var/log/messages do not show any error or warning.

We thought adding another "Listen" directive to httpd.conf is a child's
play, but it seems to be a humongous task.
Are we missing something? Am I doing something wrong?? Is it a bug??? Can
someone help in this forum? How to debug this issue?

Please find attached httpd.conf and configure wrapper script
(configure.wrapper) used for configuring and building httpd and its


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