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From Mauricio Tavares <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Moving Apache from Solaris to Linux
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 13:16:19 GMT
On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 8:58 AM, Graham Butler <> wrote:
> We are currently looking at replacing our Solaris boxes with a flavour of
> Linux to run Apache with a focus on Red Hat and Ubuntu. I am trying to
> collect some evidence to which OS is being used to run Apache and why,
> before we make a decision. Could you please respond by sending me, or the
> list, information on which OS you are using to run Apache and any
> information on why your decided to run it on that particular platform.
      Either one should work. Main differences IMHO:

o Centos/Redhat come with selinux up and running while you install it
as a package in ubuntu/debian. Apparmor is a bit weird...

o Upgrading to a new release in a debian-derivative is quite easy. In
a redhat one you are reinstalling from scratch.

o Since ubuntu releases its OS twice a year, software package releases
might not trickle down to the current LTS (long term support) one.
That is not much of an issue on a desktop or if you tend to run your
servers in the latest and greatest release. redhat/centos releases
change every few years... just like debian.

o Ubuntu likes to have separate config files for packages that are
called by the original config files. The reasoning is so it is much
harder for an upgrade to overwrite your config. At times this is
really annoying, but at others is a really clever idea that allows for
elegant layout. FYI, I made my nagios config files in centos follow
the ubuntu style.

o Online support for ubuntu is quite good. People in ubuntuforums do
act like they really want to help.

o AFAIK, apache runs fine on either. I mean, I am running on both.
Once you know where the files want to be and how to download packages,
it is business as usual.

> I am also asking other list for similar information on Squid, BIND, Exim,
> etc…….
      FYI, I used to run all that in Solaris. I actually began using
Solaris before I ever touched Linux. Then Oracle bought Sun...
> Many thanks for any information you may send me.
> Graham Butler
> Infrastructure Team.
> Tel: 01484 473785
> The University of Huddersfield
> Computing and Library Services
> PO Box No. 341
> Huddersfield
> HD1 3DH
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