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From "Prabhjot Kaur -X (prakaur - Aricent Technologies at Cisco)" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Difference of file in installation directory and /etc directory
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 05:06:01 GMT
Hi Friends,

I am new to Apache and httpd. I installed Apache httpd 2.4 version on linux machine.
I did installation in /root directory. Later I found that an httpd directory is created automatically
in /etc directory and  /usr/includes directory also.
But there is difference in the files in installation directory and in the /etc & /usr
The number of .so files in /root/httpd/modules is different from the number of files in /etc/httpd/modules.
In case of includes in addition to difference in number of files there is difference in contents
of .h files, e.g. I found the declaration of "ap_args_to_table" in /root/httpd/includes/util_script.h
but it is missing in /usr/includes/util_script.h

Please help me know why it is so and how I can remove the difference in these directories
especially the difference in .h files.

Thanks & Regards

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