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From "J.Lance Wilkinson" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] MIME types not delivering
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 20:34:50 GMT
J.Lance Wilkinson wrote:
>     The file itself is being genrated not via a CGI but some Oracle
>     process (this IS an Apache configured by Oracle after all), so he's
>     trying to figure out now just what might be generated by that
>     procedure, which DOES seem to generate a Content-Type header.  If
>     we can determine that it gets OMITTED in this case that would explain
>     the type/plain from the DefaultType, perhaps, even with the DefaultType
>     directive being removed.   Another possibility is the process itself
>     has no idea what to assign as a Content-Type, and thus it backpedals
>     and assigns text/plain because it has nothing better  to assign
>     (although application/octet would be better, eh?).

	I was wondering if there was an apache module or perhaps some obscure
	directive that would cause a CGI script or a handler or whatever
	the user's Oracle process would be considered to "Tee" out the output
	sent back to Apache HTTPD for delivery to the browser and dump that
	output into a file.   So we could see what headers if any are
	generated by that process.


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