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From PanaColina <>
Subject [users@httpd] DirectoryIndex fails to serve file to proxy (php-fpm, proxy_fcgi_module)
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 19:25:47 GMT
When a directory request is received, apache sends only the directory name
to the proxy fcgi, not the file name, even though the DirectoryIndex
directive is set (and working correctly in a basic config).  A critical
problem as gives "file not found" or "no input file
specified" errors.

This seems to be an issue with DirectoryIndex and apache rather than
something specific to the proxy module. I am guessing the problem is that
DirectoryIndex is bypassed when a proxy is included. I have tried putting
"DirectoryIndex index.php" in every possible location, testing with
ProxyPass, ProxyPassMatch, and ReWrite rules in various sections (Location,
Directory, VirtualHost) -- all tests having same problem.

Testing with apache 2.4, I can always get apache to serve regular files to
the proxy, but not the specified DirectoryIndex file (index.htm or
index.php). For the root directory, it sends an empty string:

      proxy_fcgi:trace1] [pid 1620:tid 139973627950848] util_script.c(599):
[client] Status line from script '': 404 Not Found

Testing with minimal httpd.conf:

  ServerRoot "/usr/local/apache"
  Listen 80
  User nobody
  Group staff
  LoadModule unixd_module modules/
  LoadModule authz_core_module modules/
  LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  LoadModule dir_module modules/
  LoadModule proxy_module modules/
  LoadModule proxy_fcgi_module modules/
  LoadModule log_config_module modules/
  DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/www/
  DirectoryIndex index.php
   <Location / >
ErrorLog "|/usr/bin/cronolog /usr/local/apache/logs/lexpert-error.%U-%Y.log"
CustomLog "|/usr/bin/cronolog /usr/local/apache/logs/lexpert.%U-%Y.log"
LogLevel trace2

I have tried with the standard
fcgi://$1as well. I started off
using the basic instructions at (Currently testing with php-5.4.7)

Every test has had the same problem with DirectoryIndex.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

J.L. Hill

[Running on Debian Squeeze]

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