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From Colin Murtaugh <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_proxy_balancer, balancer_manager questions
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 18:02:18 GMT
Hi --

I'm trying to set up a pair of tomcat servers behind apache using
mod_proxy_balancer.  I'm using Apache 2.4.3 that I built a couple of days
ago on Solaris.

I see in the 2.4 docs that balancer settings can now be persistent after
restarts.  I assume that this refers to changes to settings made via the
balancer-manager UI, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Here's my config:

<Proxy balancer://testcluster growth=5>
    BalancerMember http://localhost:8861 timeout=5 keepalive=on
    BalancerMember http://localhost:8871 timeout=5 keepalive=on

ProxyPass /test balancer://testcluster
ProxyPassReverse /test balancer://testcluster

<Location /balancer-manager>
    SetHandler balancer-manager

Load-balancing works as expected, but if I edit one of the two nodes via
balancer-manager to set its status to 'disabled', the status returns to Ok
after I restart apache.

Similarly, if I add a new worker to the cluster via balancer-manager, it's
gone after a restart.  In both of these cases, I expected the settings to
be as I left them before the restart.

Am I misunderstanding how the settings persistence is supposed to work, or
is there something else I need to do in order to get the settings to be

Additional question:

I have the timeout set to 5 seconds; if the back-end service takes longer
than 5 seconds to finish, the proxy does abandon the request as expected,
and I get an error in the browser.  Is there any way to have the proxy,
when the back-end times out, retry the request against another one of the

Failing that, is there a way to have the occurrence of a timeout put the
node into the Err state?

Let me know if there are any other details that would be helpful.



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