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From Denis BUCHER <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Unbelievable : one single apache process uses more than whole server memory (5 gigabytes) !
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2012 11:06:09 GMT

Le 18.08.2012 11:56, Alex Bligh a écrit : 

> --On 18 August 2012
11:35:29 +0200 Denis BUCHER 
> wrote:
>> OK, but my problem is that
when I detect an "offending" process (using too much memory), it's
already too late ! The strace will only show mmaps until "[crit] Memory
allocation failed" ! Do you have a suggestion on how I could "intercept"
these processes before the problem happens ?
> rlimit maybe.
> I'd
suggest something is trying to allocate a 'negative' amount of memory.
The real answer is to locate the bug. If you really want to do that,
build/install debug versions of your s/w, attach gdb to the running
process, and ask for a backtrace.

Update : 

Just to let you know, we
use proxying to serve http://requests/like/that to customers while
internally getting http://requests?like=that if you see what I mean

Could it be the source of a problem ? 




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