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From Scott Bigelow <>
Subject [users@httpd] Issue with HTTP methods (DELETE,PUT) not being accepted (returning 405 Method not allowed)
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 20:59:02 GMT
I am having an issue with Apache/2.2.22 on Ubuntu 12.04, migrating service
from an older system, Apache/2.2.3 on CentOS. We make use of PHP to serve
RESTful requests, but I do not believe this is a PHP issue, since the issue
is present even when not calling a PHP script.

On the old server, it will accept any HTTP Method (specifically, PUT and
DELETE are desired).

On the new server, I cannot get it to recognize any method other than GET,
POST, OPTIONS, and HEADER. Here is my very simple block:

        <Directory "/var/www">
                Options FollowSymLinks
                AllowOverride None
                Order allow,deny
                allow from all
                <Limit DELETE GET>
                Order allow,deny
                Allow from all

Even with this stanza, "curl -X DELETE URL" returns a "405 Method not
allowed".  When I change "Allow from all" to "Deny from all" in the
<Limit>, it returns a 403 instead, so I know the block is effective for
this request. Is there some other part of Apache which is preventing the
DELETE method? Thanks for taking the time to read through my issue,

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