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From Meike Stone <>
Subject [users@httpd]
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 14:57:09 GMT

I run about 12 apache2 httpd server with php5.3
All are running well, but randomly I get the error message, that the
"/index.php is not found.


[Wed Aug 22 10:29:57 2012] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] File does not
exist: /index.php?site-id=5

The File (index.php) is delivered via this httpd about 100.000 times a
day, but randomly (between 0 and 40 times a day) the message appears
in the error_log.
I don't know if the client gets an error and I can't (or have no idea
howto) reproduce this behavior.

I checked  the Limits on the system for the max open files:
The fs.file-max is set to 188155 (/proc/sys/fs/file-max).

The hard limit for max open files for the user www-run is 8192, and
the soft limit is 1024.

I checked via sysstat (sar) the open files from the entire system, at
this time about 1000 files were open.
The underlaying filesystem is ext3.

Apache Version is: apache2-prefork-2.2.12

All Servers running in ESX/ESXi environment with latest vmware tools installed.

Does anyone has an idea what the problem can be, or where to search?

Thanks Meike

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