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From Denis BUCHER <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Unbelievable : one single apache process uses more than whole server memory (5 gigabytes) !
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2012 08:04:12 GMT

Le 18.08.2012 05:55, Brett Maxfield a écrit : 

> On 18/08/2012, at
6:46 AM, Denis BUCHER wrote: 
>> Dear all,
>> That's an
unbelievable issue but we have single apache process that takes 5 GB of
memory ! And it doesn't happens always with the same URLs, it's
unpredictable and we don't understand why it is happening at all !!!

>> Any help would be greatly appreciated (as well as the users of the
website and the owners) !
>> We even developed for days some
software to analyze what is happening !
>> We do a pmap PID each
second when the problems comes up, but the offending line is :
00002aad145c2000 2929376K rw--- [ anon ]
>> so what can we do with
that, is there a way to know what it is ?
>> We also analyze open
files with lsof -p. 
>> I am NOW CONVINCED that it only happens when
the connection COMES FROM GOOGLE BOT (????) 
>> Do you have
suggestions on how to analyze ?
>> Notes :
>> * The config is
>> * Of course PHP memory_limit was the
first point we checked but this is not the problem : grep memory_limit
/etc/php.ini => memory_limit = 32M
>> * By the way we tried rlimitmem
but either it doesn't work, either we don't used it correctly, as it's
no use : still using more than 5 gigabytes
>> * That unanswered thread
looks similar to our problem :
>> Thanks a lot for any help and/or suggestion ! 
> Do you have a robots.txt ? Maybe you have some dynamic page
that when spidered returns a very deep structure or some script that
returns a temporary failure, causing a loop?
> Look at the http log
for googlebot, and see if there is any pattern to it. If you have the
access logs it will tell you the script name at least. 
> If you find
anything suspicious exclude it from spidering with robots.txt 
> If you
don't maybe it is some sort of non-google bit attack, and you can block
it with apache (as a hacker or snoop bot wont likely listen to
> In any case if you identify the path, maybe you can help
identify / fix the bug.. 
> Cheers 
> Brett

Dear Brett, 

Thanks for
your reply, but there is no pattern at all, Googlebots just seems to
fetch "normal" pages on our webserver ! 

We have taken at least 150-200
hours analyzing logs and memory usage, and file usage, and the only
pattern we found was that the client is Googlebot ! 

And whatever page
it is, is there some explanation why apache can takes all the server
memory ? PHP is limited, so how is it possible for Apache to do that ?

Under which circumstances is Apache capable of using so much memory, I
mean why, where, how ? 

Thanks a lot for any further help ! 


P. S. Our robots.txt file contains only two lines : 

> User-agent:
> Disallow: /newsite_temp2011_old/



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