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From gaurav shrivastava <>
Subject [users@httpd] TimeOuts Received.
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:07:37 GMT
We automated our product

Env -

4 Managed Serves - WLS weblogic (RHL)
1 DB - Oracle (RHL)
1 Proxy server - APACHE

What i can see during the execution of and as the user load increases to
180 +
I can see messages of timeouts at RPT console where response is not
received for the request.
Surprisingly i can not see any error logs for time outs any where in app
server logs or proxy server logs.

We did a test again with out proxy servers where requests were directly
hitting the app server every thing works well than no timeouts are noticted.
So it looks like the issue is with the proxy server do you have any
suggestions for any tunable parameters.

Some of the parameters currently used.

<IfModule worker.c>
ThreadLimit         2000
ServerLimit         10
StartServers        6
MaxClients         20000
MinSpareThreads     2000
#MinSpareThreads     100
#MaxSpareThreads     20000
MaxSpareThreads     15000
ThreadsPerChild     2000
MaxRequestsPerChild  0

Help will be highly appreciated.

*Cheers !!

Gaurav ....*

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