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From Lester Caine <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] help loading a webpage in apache
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2012 08:44:18 GMT
zilore mumba wrote:
> Help will be appreciated,
> and excuse me for a very basic question. I used Apache some 5 years ago on a website
> I was developing. Now I have installed Apache again on Windows. I have also
> installed php and mysql. I have a webpage I am developing and I want to test it
> in Apache. When I open a browser and enter the url
> "http://www.localhost:8080 <http://www.localhost:8080/>" I get the message blow:
> It Works!
So ... It Works

> My question is, how do I open my page?, the main page is like "meteo.html".
You don't say how you installed these, and some installers do things a little 
different, but you are looking for the folder 'htdocs' somewhere which will have 
the 'It Works!' page currently.

httpd.conf is the file you would need to edit to point to different location, 
but for now I'd just find htdocs and copy stuff to there.

> I have also have CYGWIN and i created the dierectory /var/www though I was not
> able to install the linux version of apache (httpd-2.2). APR and APR-Util give
> an error on make, and http also gives error.
? Sounds like you are trying to install the linux version of apache on windows? 
There is no point. If you are having problems on Linux, most distributions have 
their own packages for apache, php and mysql ...

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