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From Nick Tkach <>
Subject [users@httpd] Setting Headers on a Redirect Scenario
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 19:21:56 GMT
Ok, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but wanted to run it by
people more experienced.  I have an unusual request from some business
users.  They want to be able to request a pdf document from one site
(which we do control) when in a web page on a *different* site (which
we do control) *and* have it give that dialog where it prompts the
user to save it.  This is the general idea:

1 User hits
2 Apache for "pulls" that pdf as a request to
3 Apache for the offers up the pdf via the original page via
the "save" dialog

The first, naive idea was to have something like this in the virtual
host on

RewriteRule ^/sec1/(*.pdf)

<FilesMatch "/sec1/*.pdf">
  Header always set Content-Disposition attachment

But that's not going to work, right?  Since Apache's going to see that
request, redirect it to the other site, and then the *other* site is
the thing serving up that request, so there's no way the first one can
modify it, right?

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