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From Bongjae Chang <>
Subject [users@httpd] CLOSE_WAIT problem
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 04:25:39 GMT
Hi all,

I sent this issue to the dev mailing but I couldn't receive any responses. I
think this subject is fit to be discussed in the user mailing so I am
sending this again. :-)

When I tested mod_proxy + mod_proxy_balancer + (mod_proxy_ajp or
mod_proxy_http) with worker mpm, I always met CLOSE_WAIT state in apache
httpd proxy side.

I tested the following scenario.

- Sending a request at the browser -> apache httpd,  mod proxy -> ajp or
http java server(1)
- Normally, browser received the response correctly and the connection state
became to be ESTABLISHED.
- And java server closed the ajp or http connection with timeout(Or
terminate java server forcibly).
- Then apache httpd proxy machine always had the CLOSE_WAIT state about the

It seemed that the apache httpd proxy modules(?) did not try to close the
invalid socket which had been already closed at the peer side(the backend
java server side).

Perhaps is it already the known issue?

When I searched similar issues, I found .

Actually, I am not sure that this problem is related to mod_proxy modules
because I could meet the same problem with using mod_jk(In other words, I
think that it can be httpd's issue. but I am not sure). In mod_jk, I could
work around the problem with using periodic ping logic which cleaned up the
CLOSE_WAIT connections.

Please give me some advice if I am misunderstanding something.

I'd appreciate some help.


httpd version: 2.4.2
backend java server: grizzly http/ajp, playframework(maybe it uses netty)
os: httpd(Linux 2.6.18 x86_64), backend server(MacOs)

Bongjae Chang

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