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From "Brett @Google" <>
Subject [users@httpd] ProxyExpressEnable
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 01:55:56 GMT
In apache 2.4 i'd like to use the new ProxyExpressEnable on a
wildcarded VirtualHost, and put a some more specific VirtualHosts for
reverse proxies which have more specific configurations or
customizations, not provided by the default ProxyExpress reverse proxy

But ProxyExpressEnable does not allow you to capture the case where no
ServerName is matched from the map file, to provide the "we dont host"
error message.

Maybe if it was possible to do :

<VirtualHost revproxy.internal:80>
    ServerAlias *

    ProxyExpressEnable on
    ProxyExpressDBMType SDBM
    ProxyExpressDBMFile conf/revproxy_auto

    # fictional proxy express directive
    ProxyExpressDefaultHost i_dont_know.internal

    RewiteCond %{HTTP_HOST} i_dont_know.internal
    RewriteRule ^/  /bad_host_error_page.html [L]

<VirtualHost revproxy.internal:80>
    ProxyPass /app1 app1.server.internal
    ProxyPass /app1 app1.server.internal
    ProxyPass /app2 app2.server.internal
    ProxyPass /app2 app2.server.internal

This would allow ProxyExpress for trivial preverse proxy configs, and
still catching the error case where you dont host the host header.

It would also then allow more specific or non-typical configs ?

So problems are :

1. catching the case when a host is not matched in ProxyExpressDBMFile
and returning an error page.
2. the previously mentioned problem wit apache 2.4 where is not used when there is an "ServerAlias


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