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From Ron Van den Branden <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_proxy: ProxyPreserveHost omits start of proxied path
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:39:02 GMT

I am setting up a reverse proxy configuration that will proxy all 
requests starting with /apps/ to a Tomcat server running on a closed 
port. I have set up following configuration in httpd.conf:

   ProxyRequests	off
   ProxyPass/apps/     http://localhost:8082/
   ProxyPassReverseCookiePath/apps/  /

This generally works, even for internal redirections inside the Tomcat 
apps I'm addressing. Suppose my Tomcat app is internally accessible at 
<http://localhost:8082/my_app/>, and this request is internally 
redirected to <http://localhost:8082/my_app/index.htm>, a request for 
<http://mydomain/apps/my_app/> is correctly redirected to 

Yet, there's a webstart application inside a Tomcat app that needs the 
*original* URL, instead of the proxied 'localhost:8082' URL. Hence, I 
tried by adding:

   ProxyPreserveHost	on

But this does not work 100%:
     -internal redirects inside the Tomcat app omit the /apps/ part from 
the redirected URL. For example, a request for 
<http://mydomain/apps/my_app/> now ends up at 
     -also (and probably related): the webstart application inside the 
Tomcat app doesn't preserve the /app/ part of the original request, and 

All does work perfectly, however, with ProxyPreserveHost switched on, 
when the entire URL space is proxied: "ProxyPass     /    
http://localhost:8082/" etc. But I explicitly want to limit the proxying 
to just one URL pattern, starting with '/apps/'. How can the '/apps/' 
part of the original request be passed on to the proxied URL (as 
apparently was the case with ProxyPreserveHost switched off)? (Note: 
proxying to http://localhost:8082/apps/ is not an option, as there is no 
physical /apps/ folder there).

I hope this sketches my problem.  I have the feeling I'm almost there; 
any help much appreciated!


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