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From Bruno Tréguier <>
Subject [users@httpd] [SOLVED (well, kinda)] Re: [users@httpd] Problem when mixing RewriteRules and <Location> directives
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:17:13 GMT
Hi everybody,

Following my previous posts regarding my RewriteRule/Location/SetEnvIf 
problem, a friend of mine suggested a neat solution, quite easy to apply.

The trick is to create, on the same machine, another vhost meant to 
serve exclusively as a reverse proxy, and which will add the intended 
header via the "LocationMatch" directive, working correctly in that case.

Here is my (stripped down) reverse proxy setting:

<VirtualHost 192.168.x.y:80>

         <LocationMatch "/onlinestore/checkout.*">
           Header add X-CheckingOut "checking-out"

         ProxyPass               /
         ProxyPassReverse        /


The initial vhost setting is then modified to listen on port 8080 
instead of 80. Very classical reverse proxy setting, of course, but 
quite useful to me, as this way the "Location" directives become useable 
for what I wanted them to do.

There is still a little mystery though, regarding the REQUEST_URI 
variable: if I try to print it in the headers via the following 
statement (in my new reverse proxy vhost of course):

         Header add X-Request-URI "%{REQUEST_URI}e"

The value is always "(null)".

However, if I do as follows:

         RewriteEngine on
         RewriteRule .* - [E=INFO_REQUEST_URI:%{REQUEST_URI}]
         Header add X-Request-URI "%{INFO_REQUEST_URI}e"

It works perfectly ! The trick here is to use the side-effect of a 
rewrite rule that does nothing at all, but set a new variable. That new 
variable (INFO_REQUEST_URI) then becomes useable in the "Header" 
statement, whereas the old one (REQUEST_URI) is not.

If anybody has an explanation for this, I'd be glad to read it, but this 
is in no way paramount.

Best regards to all.


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