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From Bruno MACADRE <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache + Php CGI/FastCGI + userdir + suexec
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2012 14:21:35 GMT

I'm new to this list, but I am a user of Apache for a long time.

I have set up a new web server with a certain number of restrictions, 
it's been several weeks since I'm on it and I can no results.

My server must both provide a website for an institution (eg and simultaneously provide space for users (eg

All this is quite simple, where it gets complicated is that each user 
must have its own PHP and php.ini and its own sessions and uploads 
directories. User scripts must be started with their own identity.

I tried with suexec but nothing works.

Vhosts are not allowed. I use mod_fcgid but I do not know if mod_fastcgi 
better answer to my expectations

Some information:

* OS: Ubuntu Server 11.10 amd64
* Apache: 2.2.20
* PHP: 5.3.6

	DocumentRoot: /srv/www/
	Userdirs: /home/*/public_html
	User configuration directory: /var/www/*/conf/php.ini
	Directory of user sessions: /var/www/*/sessions
	Directory of user uploads: /var/www/*/uploads or
		/home/*/uploads (which is best)

All ideas are welcome
Best regards

PS: Sorry for my english... I'm french :-)

  Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseau     | Systems and Network Engineer
  Département Informatique         | Department of computer science
  Responsable Réseau et Téléphonie | Telecom and Network Manager
  Université de Rouen              | University of Rouen
Coordonnées / Contact :
	Université de Rouen
	Faculté des Sciences et Techniques - Madrillet
	Avenue de l'Université - BP12
	76801 St Etienne du Rouvray CEDEX

	Tél : +33 (0)2-32-95-51-86
	Fax : +33 (0)2-32-95-51-87

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