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From Prasanna Mulgaonkar <>
Subject [users@httpd] Different pages served depending on IP address or domain addressing
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 00:17:57 GMT
Have a strange setup behavior that I have not been able to find an 
answer to.

I have a server running Apache set up at IP address 50.X.Y.Z

I have redirected from our domain hoster to that ip 

At the top level of that apache stack (/var/www/html), i have an 
index.html file that serves up correctly whether I enter or http://50.X.Y.Z into the browser address.

I have an application in a subdirectory below the html file in 
/var/www/html/app. If I say http://50.X.Y.Z/app/, the app serves up 
correctly. We have been doing that for may months now.

However, if I try, I do not get the app–I 
get the same index.html file that is served as if the /app/ was not 
appended to the end of the There are no errors or notices 
in the apache error file.

The httpd.conf file declares
UseCanonicalName On

There are no vhosts set up.

What else should I look at to explain this odd behavior.


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