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From T├ęssio Fechine <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Question About ACL
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 13:06:52 GMT

> Not at all; you are right that that stanza is equivalent to
> "Order
> Allow,Deny", but the behaviour after adding an additional
> Allow is
> different.
> There isn't one right or wrong way, you just have to
> understand that
> there are two ways, and what the differences are.
> Cheers
> Tom

"... but the behaviour after adding an additional Allow is different."
This is what I am trying to understand, but I can't. Can you give me an example of that, please?

I am starting learning this now, and I can't see any difference in these two cases.. only
the lack of logic in the first one:

Order Deny,Allow       (allow everything, unless specifically denied)
Deny from all          (now deny everything)
Allow from  (now allow this specific hosts)

Order Allow,Deny       (deny everything by default)
Allow from  (allow this specific hosts)

What I am asking is an example of any situation in which the first case is preferable.

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