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From Asaf Dalet <>
Subject [users@httpd] apr_off_t mismatch
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 21:07:24 GMT
Hi everyone,
i have a problem which is bugging me for a couple of days now:

i have a module written for apache 2.2.x and compiled as 32-bit on solaris
9 SPARC 64-bit.
i have a precompiled apache core on a different solaris 9 (also 64-bit).

the problem: sizeof(request_rec) in the module <> sizeof(request_rec) in
the precompiled apache core.

my suspicion is that sizeof(apr_off_t) is different between the binaries.
My module has it as 8 bytes and the apache core has it as 4 bytes.

two questions:
1. how can this be? can i compile apache to use 4 bytes apr_off_t on a 64
bit solaris?
2. is it possible to force the compiler to compile my module with 4 bytes

i saw some bug reports in gcc and apache regarding apr_off_t, but i am not
sure they can help me.

thanks in advance,

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