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From "J.Lance Wilkinson" <>
Subject [users@httpd] mod_dbd, mod_authn_dbd examples
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 21:01:17 GMT
Apologies in advance if this isn't formatted or researched as you'd like.  I've 
been using Apache HTTPD for many, many years, but have never needed to set this 
aspect of configuration up.

In the wake of last week's "Single Value Authentication Module" query, and the 
decision to follow the sage advice from that thread, my colleagues and I have 
decided to use a database lookup to authenticate the user.  This way we can 
hopefully use mostly off-the-shelf components, and have the specialized 
business logic involved in denying access to the resource when the user's 
authorization has expired simply be part of the database query (query would 
only return passwords for users whose access is not expired).

So, I've read the documentation for mod_dbd and mod_authn_dbd for Apache 2.2.x
and those modules are compiled and ready for loading.

The database involved will be an ORACLE database.

I set up a configuration to test this, pretty much following the example in the 
mod_authn_dbd documentation:

  DBDriver        pgsql
  DBDMin          4
  DBDKeep         8
  DBDMax          20
  DBDExptime      300

  <Location ~ "^/(.*)/restrictedArea(.html|/(.*)?)$">

  DBDParams       "dbname=george user=yogi password=fred"
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName        "Restricted Access:  Supply appropriate credentials"
  AuthBasicProvider       dbd
  Require         valid-user
  AuthDBDUserPWQuery \
	"SELECT password FROM authn WHERE user = %s AND expired = no"

Syntax scan is fine EXCEPT for DBDriver line.  It reports:

  	DBD: No driver for pgsql

Now, I am NOT a Database person.  I used what was in the mod_authn_dbd 
documentation just to get started.  The mod_dbd docs says this selects an
apr_dbd driver name.  It's not clear to me if I even HAVE any apr_dbd drivers 
installed on this machine (yet).  Presuming somebody locally will be taking
care of setting up the Oracle connection(s) needed, what apr_dbd stuff do I
need, where do I find it, what do I do with it?

I've looked for cookbooks on this (including my dog-eared copy of Ken and 
Rich's _Cookbook_ ;-P) and haven't found anything yet.

Somebody take pity?

J.Lance Wilkinson ("Lance")		InterNet:
Systems Design Specialist - Lead	Phone: (814) 865-4870
Digital Library Technologies		FAX:   (814) 863-3560
E3 Paterno Library
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802

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