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From 孙俊 <>
Subject [users@httpd] Large file downloads certification, do not use PHP, and use apache authentication
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 05:40:58 GMT
I think this situation is common

After logging in to the application, access a file link.
php comparing the relevant permissions correctly, the file is loaded into
memory, then sent to the client.
If this file is how to do when there is 1G? This will be a lot of server
resources, and the performance is very poor.

I think if the certification of the work handled by apache, not the
kind of user
name and password input boxes of the kind.

For example, php session passed to apache, so apache to use the session to
save the UID and password to access the database for authentication.
Or, use the HTTP head parameters, send the UID and password to authenticate

When verified by the apache to send the file to the client, did not return
to the state by 302 when

Apache does not know such a feature?

(google translate)




或者,使用HTTP head 参数,发送UID和密码传递给apache进行认证


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