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From marco <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache modify source code
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 16:30:16 GMT
Il 16/05/2011 17.25, Mark Montague ha scritto:
> Please don't reply privately (off-list); it deprives other people 
> (both now and in the future) from the benefits of the discussion.
> On May 16, 2011 11:05 , marco <> wrote:
>> I have a LAMP architecure and I want that when an http request must 
>> be served, then the apache server (before the request is served) send 
>> a signal to a different process (that doesn't belong to apache, for 
>> example a process called X). Only after the X process run, Apache can 
>> serve the request.
>> So the temporal sequence are:
>>             ----->httprequest---->Apache--->Xprocess--->Apache
>> I have seen that http_request.c file manage this situation; for this 
>> I want to modify this file.
>> Can you believe that this problem can be solved without modify 
>> http_request.c file?
> Yes:  I believe you could write a module to do this.  (I'd have to do 
> research to be able to say exactly how, though).  The advantage to 
> doing this in a module, instead of modifying httpd itself, is lower 
> maintenance costs when future versions of Apache HTTP Server are 
> released, quicker upgrades, and less confusion of other people (system 
> administrators, webmasters) who have to work with your site or 
> server.  For more information, seek help on the Apache HTTP Server 
> third-party module development mailing list.
> If you'd like to do this without having to write a full Apache module 
> in C, take a look at mod_perl:  
>   This will 
> allow you to tie into the Apache request processing loop from a Perl 
> script, rather than from a compiled module.  For more information, 
> seek help on the mod_perl users' mailing list.
> But, are you sure that you need to signal a different process, and 
> that what process X does is not something that can be done through 
> Apache, or via another mechanism or architecture?
> -- 
>   Mark Montague
As you told me, I have read how to use mod_perl. For my goal, as I 
expalin you in the previous mail, I can use mod perl to create an 
handler that will be executed corresponding to any phase of httpRequest.
For example, the */PerlPostRequestHandler /*is executed after the apache 
server receives the http request and it did its parsing. So, in this 
way, when this handler is invoked I can do in it all the things I want. 
But I ask you if this handler is executed in parallel or it is executed 
in a sequential mode?
Do you think am I on the right?Have you never work with these handler?


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